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Find new customers? This becomes much easier with MarketScan. And that’s not all, because you will immediately have all important information listed. Including credit scores and the payment history, based on the most recent data.

As soon as you look for new relations, we help you start searching purposefully. To find customers that are interesting for your company, so you can directly increase the turnover. The investment easily reimburses itself, because you can select the most appropriate prospects based on all the important information. We update the data about prospects on a daily basis, so that you can also make a choice based on current data.

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Finding new customers: including credit scores and the payment history

Get in touch with potential new customers with MarketScan. Select companies and businesses that (should) fit with your customer file and easily analyse if and how you would like to approach them.

The method for more new customers

New prospects are everywhere, but it is not always easy to get in touch with them. We have an extensive database, including the information you need for making a choice. With MarketScan, the selection becomes much easier, in order to make the right contact and to furtherly increase your turnover in this way.

We help you find new customers, including their credit score and the payment history. For prospects that offer potential to have the capacity and intention to neatly pay your bills at the moment you have made the deliveries or performed the services.

Have all important information

We gather important information from possible prospects, so that you can make a proper choice with MarketScan. For example, you can count on the following information about the different companies:

  • Sector in which the company is active

  • The size of the organisation

  • The number of employees working there

  • This way, you easily select the prospects that fit with you, so you can search for new contacts and relations more purposefully. It makes the choice easier, within a wide data set that we update on a daily basis.

    Current data: daily updated

    We daily update the data of the different companies, so that you are able to make a selection based on current data. This prevents that changes have occurred in the meantime and contributes to the quality of your selection.

    On top of that, you have the possibility to make a selection per field. Search on the basis of a specific name, an address, or a phone number of an organisation. With this, map who you can do business with or with whom you can at least make contact. With MarketScan, we make sure you can find new customers easier. Customers who will really be of additional value for your organisation, so you can easily recuperate the investment.

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    MarketScan exists for the company that wants to see opportunities, take opportunities, and for the entrepreneur who is looking for business relations inland and abroad. Are you, for example, only looking for business relations in your own sector within 10 kilometres from your business address? MarketScan enables you to simply export the available data, so that you will directly be able to approach your goal.

    Easily contact your potential business relations on the basis of the criteria you desire. Select on sector, age, business address, or creditworthiness. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best-fitting solution.