The UBO of the organisation you want to do business with is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner. It is the person who ultimately is the stakeholder at a legal entity, with the decision-making powers that come with it. It is important to gather sufficient information about that person, to map possible risks.

An important component of that investigation to your customer’s UBO is to check if this is a PEP. A PEP is a politically exposed person; someone who holds or has held a prominent political function, or is directly related or closely associated to such a person. This provides you with insight into whom you are eventually doing business with and what the interests of this person are.

Pay attention: a PEP is no longer a foreign politically exposed person, inland politically exposed persons are nowadays also included under this term.

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Is my UBO a PEP? Insight into your customers and relations

Profiler keeps you up to date about the current state of affairs and the history concerning the direction and higher management of a business.

Aware of possible risks

Among others, Heads of States and Governments and Ministers are PEPs, just like Members of the Parliament and Members of comparable legislative bodies. Furtherly, this may for example concern members of the board of a political party, members of the supreme court, and, for example, members of a Court of Auditors or Ambassadors. Consider that members of a governing body and board members or even replacing board members belong to these.

With Profiler, you make sure you are aware of possible risks, as soon as the UBO of your customer appears to be a PEP. In this case, you should do more investigation, for example to determine the source of the capital and the means. Only after such an investigation, you can proceed the relation or carry out the transaction, with which you neatly comply with the applying rules and guidelines.

Report with (inter)national investigation

We provide a clear report, on the basis of it you will directly be aware of possible risks concerning your customer’s UBO. We indicate whether this is a PEP or not, by requesting the important data about this both nationally and internationally. This means you will have a clear image of the person you will be doing business with at a glance, so that you won’t be faced with surprises.

24/7 available: investigation in all registers

With Profiler, you can perform a study to your customer’s UBO at any desired moment. Check whether it concerns a PEP from our automated system. This means you can make use of it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look for important information in all available registers, so you won’t overlook anything with it. Want to know whom you are dealing with and if the UBO of your customer is a PEP? Profiler offers the solution you are looking for.

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Identifying your business relation is one thing, scoring the person behind the business relation is the second thing. With Profiler, you gain insight into the person behind the business relation. Easily gain insight into the board and the ultimate beneficial owners (the UBOs), check if there are no notifications on the sanctions lists and easily complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

Establish if your business is at risk and respond adequately. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.