Lead generation

Is a prospect worth the effort? With a list of new potential customers at hand, you seem to have a valuable document, but how do you know what value these prospects represent? With MarketScan, you can turn your most promising prospects into new customers, so that you will know what you can best invest time and effort in.

You can easily find new prospects via the internet and social media. MarketScan helps you classify them, so you can check which have most potential. This way, you discover what contacts offer most value as a lead or customer, making it worth the effort to draw you attention to them.

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From prospects to leads: discover the potential of new customers

Assess your prospects with MarketScan and directly get in touch with the best potential leads in this way.

Do prospects fit your company?

A list with prospects alone is valuable, but has much more potential to offer. Only once you know which of your contacts are worth the effort and which aren’t, you can make a distinction. This prevents you from putting too much time and effort in potential customers who eventually do not turn out to be interesting for your organisation.

MarketScan helps you deal with your budget for the succession more efficiently. This allows more quality, by letting go of the quantity on the basis of important insights. This way, you easily discover what prospects fit your company best and with whom you might enter into a long-term collaboration.

Important data listed

We list a number of important data, which makes it easier for you to make the right choices. We connect the prospects to the information you need, for example concerning the size of an organisation or its financial clout. Based on this, you can make a better estimation of whom you are dealing with and what the possibilities would be when you would go into business.

Avoid spending time and effort on prospects who will eventually not appear to be worthwhile. Instead, reserve your time and capacity for more potential customers and leads that have much to offer.

Advice for the best screening of our database

And that’s not everything, because we can also advise you about the screening of prospects by means of our database. We have the knowledge and experience you are looking for, with which we are happy to help you make a proper choice. We explain to you how you can optimally deploy the different data sources to qualify your prospects.

Use the data from our database, so that you can find the most interesting leads and customers within your prospects. Handle your budget and capacity more efficiently, so that you easily recuperate the investment in MarketScan.

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MarketScan exists for the company that wants to see opportunities, take opportunities, and for the entrepreneur who is looking for business relations inland and abroad. Are you, for example, only looking for business relations in your own sector within 10 kilometres from your business address? MarketScan enables you to simply export the available data, so that you will directly be able to approach your goal.

Easily contact your potential business relations on the basis of the criteria you desire. Select on sector, age, business address, or creditworthiness. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best-fitting solution.