Know Your Customer

Is a Know Your Customer procedure obligated for you, but do you want to make use of it in an easy way? We ensure you can easily go through the KYC procedure, to estimate if the party you are doing business with possibly forms a high risk.

Pay attention: the KYC procedure is often obligated for different organisations. This applies to, for example, banks, insurers, and brokers. With our Profiler, you can neatly meet the important conditions and guidelines that apply.

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Avoid liability: the user-friendly KYC procedure

The Know Your Customer procedure within Profiler prevents liability, at the moment it appears that fraud and/or money laundering is/are the case. It concerns activities of the customer and of, for example, board members in person, who should show irreproachable behaviour.

Avoid liability

Banks, brokers, and insurers cannot just enter into new relations with customers, before they have performed a sound investigation to them. The investigation should occur in a proper manner, with attention for important data and specific details. Are you not performing such an investigation (well)? In this case, you can be held liable if it appears the customer has participated in fraud and/or money laundering.

Of course, you can also make use of Profiler without being obligated to do so. This way, you may not prevent liability, but you can prevent your company from being associated with criminal activities in whatever way. Avoid unforeseen problems, by being well aware of who you’re doing business with.

Doing business without worries

Both from an obligation and from the desire to do a proper prior investigation, we help you do business without worries. Based on the permission by the legislator when you get a new relation or on the basis of your own preference to critically look at this.

From our KYC procedure, it quickly and easily appears if it concerns a situation without worries. Does there still seem to be anything at hand, based on a negative registration in our system? In this case, it is important to report the relation, so that you comply with the applying obligations.

International database for KYC procedure

For a Know Your Customer procedure, you can make use of national data about your relations and potential customers. It is even more interesting to look across the border as well, so that you can determine possible problems from abroad at an early stage.

With our database, we make sure you are able to perform both national and international investigation. In a simple and user-friendly manner, thanks to which you will directly notice it when something you need to report is at hand.

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Identifying your business relation is one thing, scoring the person behind the business relation is the second thing. With Profiler, you gain insight into the person behind the business relation. Easily gain insight into the board and the ultimate beneficial owners (the UBOs), check if there are no notifications on the sanctions lists and easily complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

Establish if your business is at risk and respond adequately. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.