Found a new customer? Congratulations! Well, as long as this customer is who he or she pretends to be, of course. Are you sure you know whom you are doing business with? And whether this relation tells the truth about the background of the company and, for example, recent activities? Prevention is better than cure, so make sure you keep control at the moment you enter into new collaborations or accept customers.

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Keep control: know whom you’re doing business with

With iRisk, you easily discover whom you are doing business with. It helps you map potential risks, as soon as you want to do business with a new customer or relation. Easily identify whom you are dealing with, including all important information for making a good decision.

Ideal at a new relation or potential customer

iRisk offers solutions in different situations. We list some of them:

  • A relation wants to become your customer
    Very nice, especially when it concerns a big order. Prevent the enthusiasm from taking precedence by checking who this customer is with iRisk. Easily identify whom you are doing business with, so that you can make a proper decision on the basis of this.

  • After a long time, you start doing business with a relation again
    It has been a couple of months or even a couple of years since you were in business together. It went well at the time, but what does the company look like now? Identify your customer with iRisk, so that you can map possible changes and check if it is still a good idea to do business.

  • You hear about an interesting potential customer
    Prepare for the first contact, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. Use iRisk to discover with whom you want to do business, in order to be able to respond to this from the start.

Insight into all potential risks

With iRisk, you will get insight into potential risks. Does the customer appear to own multiple companies and are these not always doing well? Is there financial instability or are you dealing with a financially stable organisation? We map the important data, so you will be able to take a good decision on the basis of these.

Online data: within the Netherlands and abroad

All data is easily available online, so you only have to log in for it. On top of that, we gather all important data from the Netherlands, just as we do from abroad. For example, we check the background of board members and owners or complete companies. With iRisk, we make sure you become able to take a better decision, in order to identify your potential customer.

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With iRisk, you easily gain insight into your (potential) business relation. Within several minutes, you will know if your business relation is creditworthy, if it has previously been involved in financial calamities, and what the payment behaviour is. On top of that, you will directly be able to see who is authorised to take decisions on behalf of your business relation.

Paylex scores your business relation in real time on more than 400 indicators and provides you with an advice about up to what amount you can safely do business. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.