Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention is not just something for big organisations. Fraud occurs everywhere, both in private individuals and companies. This means you should protect yourself against this, by mapping what can possibly be at hand in advance. We help you map the important risks, so that you know what is going on and what you might get to deal with.

Is your customer nationally or internationally known to be a fraudster or to have a dubious reputation? These are cases we reveal, so that you can easily ensure fraud prevention by yourself. We help you prevent problems with your customers, by discovering fraud before you actually having to deal with it.

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Discover fraud: prevent problems with your customers

With Profiler, you can easily see if a (potential) customer has been involved in fraud in the past or appears on sanction lists. Avoid becoming the victim and take preventive measures.

For new and existing relations

You can use our Profiler for both new and existing customers. Review a new relation. Avoid going into business with a fraudster or with an organisation that appears to be involved in fraud cases. You can easily cover the risk, by conveniently making use of our software.

And do you want to continuously check up on an existing relation? We ensure that you will know well what is going on during the collaboration and that you will directly be noticed when something changes. Is a customer involved in a fraud scandal? You will be the first to hear about this, so that you can immediately take appropriate measures.

Avoid damage in case of fraud

Fraud scandals cause a lot of damage to your customer, but this damage can also extend to your organisation. We help you avoid every possible suspicion of involvement. And we make sure you can take sufficient distance, by taking action in time based on important information.

This way, you can prevent damage caused by a fraud case at a customer. We help you discover the fraud, before lots of noise are made about this and before your organisation or company might get hit as well.

National and international data

With Profiler, you make use of our important data, which we gather both nationally and internationally about the different companies. This means we can also properly map what happens within and outside of the country borders at your customer. Avoid surprises, by continuously being up to date about possible changes and developments. This way, we help you discover fraud at a national or international scale, so that you can take appropriate measures or decide to not do business with a new relation.

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Identifying your business relation is one thing, scoring the person behind the business relation is the second thing. With Profiler, you gain insight into the person behind the business relation. Easily gain insight into the board and the ultimate beneficial owners (the UBOs), check if there are no notifications on the sanctions lists and easily complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

Establish if your business is at risk and respond adequately. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.