Dataservice API - customer data for your SAP, Oracle or CRM system

Suitable for SAP and Oracle CRM systems, just like when you make use of a custom-made system. Simply usable from your own system, which allows employees to keep on working with it in the way they are used to do. Available from an API, which we can integrate for you or which you can make use of yourself.

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Extended customer data for your CRM and mobile system: advanced API

Extended data of customers and potential relations, directly in your CRM, mobile, and other systems: that is the power of our Dataservice API from DataStorm. Easy to integrate thanks to our REST API, with which you can have advanced current customer data.

Recent (financial) data

With our Dataservice API from DataStorm, you can count on extensive customer data. This may for example concern the name and address data of customers, as well as a credit score or a payment limit. This way, we ensure a combined profile with all important data, on the basis of which it becomes easier to make the right decision.

From the API, you can count on current (financial) data, so you will be well aware of this. Avoid obsolete data in your system, thanks to our seamless integration. Suitable for CRM systems that you make use of as a big organisation, as well as mobile systems and other applications within the organisation. Adjusted to your company and the way in which the most will be made from data.

Make better decisions

Thanks to our Dataservice API from DataStorm, you easily make better decisions. Hereby, you can think of improving your acceptation policy, based on the important financial data we provide. View credit scores or determine the credit limit, simply from your own CRM with all other important data. And use our API for your mobile systems, so you will always and everywhere be up to date.

Besides, you can use our data for the settlement of invoicing and risk management. Adjust the use of the data to the decisions you want to make, for the services or products you provide to the customer.

REST API: easily implementable

For the Dataservice API, we make use of a REST API. This means you can make use of it in a simple way. Appropriate for implementation by your own IT consultant or a hired specialist. Would you rather leave it to us? We can take care of the integration for you, so that you can use the seamless integration without worries.

Curious about the possibilities? You can choose from different payment forms, for example with a price per retrieval or for bulk purchases. Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to furtherly clarify this to you. This way, you can optimally make use of our Dataservice APO from DataStorm.

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Do you have your own software application (or are you planning to build one) and are you looking for up to date data about your business relations? DataStorm flawlessly implements this in your own software by making use of our REST-API, after which you will gain insight into more than 300 million companies worldwide in no time.

Simply want to simplify the filling in of business relations by supplementation, or structure your sales process in a way in which you can use a decisionmaker? Directly contact us to discuss the best-fitting solution without any obligations.