Data integration

We add our (financial) data to your system, so you will have access to important data about your customers and potential customers. Always aware and completely up to date, without having to use a new package.

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Our data in your CRM-system: seamless data integration

DataStorm is the ideal combination with your own CRM system: for a seamless integration of our data in your package, so you can optimally make use of this. In the way you are used to, or in the way your employees are already working with it.

Automatically have all data listed

From DataStorm, we provide important information about customers and other leads, with which you can directly get going. For example, you can count on the name and address data of new relations, while we directly add the director of the organisation as a contact person for you.

We provide the data you need and make sure you can easily request this data with the API. Moreover, the API offers the possibility to seamlessly integrate this data with your own system, so you can directly make use of it from the complete database. It prevents that important data will not be available to you, so that you can make better decisions by using clear information.

Up to date and without errors

The seamless integration of our data in your database provides two important advantages:

  • Input without mistakes
    Prevent mistakes in the input by manual processing. Where work is done, mistakes are made, which unfortunately may turn out painful when you take the wrong decision or don’t properly know whom you are dealing with. The automatic and seamless integration of our data in your CRM system prevents these human errors, so that you will have the correct data.

  • Always up to date
    Thanks to the integration of our data with your system, you are always completely up to date. Directly aware of alterations and new data that become available. No hassle with delays or limited capacity, so you will always have all important data at your disposal.

API: implement by yourself or outsource

Of course, we can integrate the data for you by means of our API, so you don’t have to do anything with this yourself. And do you have an own (IT) consultant employed who can get to work with this? No problem, in this case you have the possibility to perform the integration by yourself.

We are happy to offer you the flexible possibility to make use of our data combined with your CRM system in this way. Are you curious about the possibilities or do you have any other questions? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

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Do you have your own software application (or are you planning to build one) and are you looking for up to date data about your business relations? DataStorm flawlessly implements this in your own software by making use of our REST-API, after which you will gain insight into more than 300 million companies worldwide in no time.

Simply want to simplify the filling in of business relations by supplementation, or structure your sales process in a way in which you can use a decisionmaker? Directly contact us to discuss the best-fitting solution without any obligations.