Credit advice

Nothing is as customary and customer-friendly as delivering on account. Ideal for customers, who only have to pay once they already have the goods or have already used the services. But how do you know if the customers can and will really pay? Make sure you are well aware of what to expect.

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Are you able to deliver on account without worries? Tailored credit advice

iRisk offers insight into the most important data of your customers, which you can use to better predict whether a customer will or will not pay. And whether or not it is possible to provide the products or services on account. Our product is appropriate for both big and small businesses, because you can make tailored use of it and because we have data of all companies within the Netherlands and abroad.

Predict if your customer is going to pay

Customers may pay too late or not at all for two reasons:

  • The customer doesn’t want to pay
    An unpleasant situation, especially when the customer appears to be unwilling to pay more often. It is important to make clear agreements in advance, in case the risk appears to be big.

  • The customer is unable to pay
    It is much more difficult when the customer is unable to pay. As soon as there is a financial shortage or financial problem, you can easily become the victim of this. With iRisk, you can discover in advance if the risk of non-payment is high, so that you can take this into account or even not do business at all.

  • We allow you to better predict if a customer is willing and able to pay, so you can adjust your deliveries or services and the payment conditions to this. You can let a customer pay in advance, or you may discover that it is not a problem to send the bill at a later point.

Avoid non-payment by customers

With iRisk, you avoid non-payment by customers. As soon as the check shows that your customer is financially healthy and will probably pay in time, you can provide services or goods on account without any problems. On the other hand, you can discover that some customers are possibly not willing or able to meet their obligations at an early stage, so that you can respond to this well.

A clear credit limit: current advice

iRisk offers you a clear tailored advice, in plain language in which we do not hide any information. Based on a current insight, we make it easy to determine the credit limit, so that you precisely know how far you can go. Moreover, we update the advice for all customers on a daily basis, based on the current situation. Both positively and negatively, so that you will always know what you are up to and what you can expect from your customers.

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With iRisk, you easily gain insight into your (potential) business relation. Within several minutes, you will know if your business relation is creditworthy, if it has previously been involved in financial calamities, and what the payment behaviour is. On top of that, you will directly be able to see who is authorised to take decisions on behalf of your business relation.

Paylex scores your business relation in real time on more than 400 indicators and provides you with an advice about up to what amount you can safely do business. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.