Chance of bankruptcy

What is your customer’s risk of bankruptcy? This is important information, for example when you want to make a new delivery. Avoid becoming the victim of changing situations at customers, by which your customer eventually appears to have become unable to pay.

We understand you do not constantly want to extensively investigate your customers’ risks. For that reason, we make sure you can see what the situation is at a glance with iRisk. Rely on an unchanged situation and receive a warning at the moment things change. This way, you won’t be faced with surprises, so that you can provide the new delivery without any worries.

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At a glance: what is your customer’s risk of bankruptcy?

With iRisk, freelancers, SME companies and big companies make sure they can better estimate their customer’s risk of bankruptcy. Shown in an overview, so that you can see if a customer is about to get into trouble at a glance.

Shortly before a new delivery

You can estimate the risk of bankruptcy whenever you want, for example just before a new delivery. You don’t want to perform a new investigation to your customer’s financial situation as soon as they make a new order. It is then nice to be able to easily check if the status is still the same as it was before. We ensure active monitoring of customers, which allows us to chart changes. We indicate if the risk of bankruptcy has become bigger or smaller, or if there is no difference relative to the last time.

Chart risks

Thanks to iRisk, you can easily chart if a new delivery brings more or less risks than before. We ensure the automatic monitoring of your customers, based on current data. This means an estimation you don’t have to make an effort for, while you will always be aware of the current status. Is the situation changing? Thanks to the overview in iRisk, you can easily respond to this.

Current predictions of bankruptcies

For iRisk, we make use of a direct connection with important insolvency registers. This means we can indicate the current risk of bankruptcy, so that you can possibly suspend new deliveries. On the basis of different factors, we predict if the risk of bankruptcy is higher or smaller than average. With iRisk, you can easily make better decisions, as soon as you want to make a new delivery to your customer.

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With iRisk, you easily gain insight into your (potential) business relation. Within several minutes, you will know if your business relation is creditworthy, if it has previously been involved in financial calamities, and what the payment behaviour is. On top of that, you will directly be able to see who is authorised to take decisions on behalf of your business relation.

Paylex scores your business relation in real time on more than 400 indicators and provides you with an advice about up to what amount you can safely do business. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.