Address file

Purchase an address file? The ideal document to find many new customers fast. An extensive file with the important data of prospects, so you are able to contact them and work on the expansion of your client base.

The address file within MarketScan makes it easy to acquire new contacts. New relations, that you can use to increase the turnover and easily recuperate the investment. We have the addresses you are looking for. With the important name and address data, just like an email address or a phone number you want to make use of.


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An address file with value: easily find new customers

With an address file, it becomes even easier to expand your customer file. Paylex ensures your address file is as complete and up to date as possible at all times.

For call centres, advertising agencies, and more

Our address files are appropriate for different sorts of companies. Among our customers are many call centres, that ensure they can call interesting prospects in this way. To turn these into leads and customers, from the data they need for making the first contact. And are you an advertising agency or another organisation looking for new customers? You can purchase an address file to make contact with prospects and warm them up from there to turn them into leads and eventually convert them into customers.

The files with addresses are excellently appropriate for marketing campaigns via post or email, as well as when you want to contact the prospects by phone. For that matter, you can make use of it in different ways, depending on your offer of products and services or the working method.

Recent name and address data of potential clients

With MarketScan, we ensure an address file with important data that you can use to contact prospects. You can count on the following data:

  • Name and address data
    A name, an address, and a place of residence. Important data, for example for sending a marketing campaign by post.

  • Email addresses
    The digital variant of address data, to easily approach prospects with an interesting offer.

  • Phone numbers
    Ideal for personally making contact. Very appropriate for call centres, and for other companies that prefer verbal contact.

Current data: daily updated

Our address file fully consists of recent data, so you can rely upon this without worries. We daily update the data, this way we guarantee someone answers when you call and an email actually gets read.

Use our address file within MarketScan to know who you can contact. Interesting prospects, which you can warm up to leads and then convert into customers. The ideal tool for making new contacts, with all the important data you need in order to start the conversation.

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MarketScan exists for the company that wants to see opportunities, take opportunities, and for the entrepreneur who is looking for business relations inland and abroad. Are you, for example, only looking for business relations in your own sector within 10 kilometres from your business address? MarketScan enables you to simply export the available data, so that you will directly be able to approach your goal.

Easily contact your potential business relations on the basis of the criteria you desire. Select on sector, age, business address, or creditworthiness. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best-fitting solution.