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Don’t perform unnecessary work. Directly go towards your goal.

MarketScan exists for the company that wants to see opportunities, take opportunities, and for the entrepreneur who is looking for business relations inland and abroad. Are you, for example, only looking for business relations in your own sector within 10 kilometres from your business address? MarketScan enables you to simply export the available data, so that you will directly be able to approach your goal.

Easily contact your potential business relations on the basis of the criteria you desire. Select on sector, age, business address, or creditworthiness. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best-fitting solution.


Complete database

Our database contains all the important information of all companies you want to approach for business purposes.

Targeted marketing
Targeted marketing

Effective and efficient: a high ROI thanks to targeted marketing towards companies with most potential.

In the cloud

At the office, on site, and on the road: our database in the cloud is available to you at any time and place.

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All important company information
Finding more new customers
Converting leads into customers
Creating your own address file
High ROI on your investment
Online and in the app (iOS and Android)

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Select new prospects

Find new customers

Find new customers in an overview of interesting prospects. The Paylex database contains all the company information you’re looking for, for customers with the highest potential. Discover what companies are interested in your services and directly anticipate on the demand for your solutions.

Generate leads

Convert your leads

Turn your leads into customers, by converting these from the company information you need. Discover what your leads are searching for and offer them the solution they demand. The ideal tool for converting leads, by following them with the correct information from our extensive database.


Purposefully approaching customers

Use your Paylex address file for approaching new leads. Regularly recruit new customers from a clear file with addresses, adjusted to the services and solutions you offer. The ideal method for approaching potential customers, so that you can get in touch with them.


Effective and efficient marketing

Find the customers you are looking for, in order to enter into a good business relation thanks to effective and efficient marketing. Take charge and build a broader customer file. Targeted marketing with a higher ROI, so that your investments in our software will quickly pay themselves back.

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Access anywhere: MarketScan in the cloud

MarketScan is available online, both on a desktop and laptop as well as on your tablet or smartphone. You will always have access to our database with company information about all businesses. Discover new prospects or gather more information about leads you have generated.

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Our database is available online, via a secured and encrypted connection. No worries about the safety, because you will have access on the basis of a secure own environment. You will have access anywhere, thanks to marketing info for at the office, on site, and on the road.

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