iRisk - risicomanagement, fraudepreventie en krediet- en bedrijfsinformatie

Real-time scoring your business relations with iRisk.

With iRisk, you easily gain insight into your (potential) business relation. Within several minutes, you will know if your business relation is creditworthy, if it has previously been involved in financial calamities, and what the payment behaviour is. On top of that, you will directly be able to see who is authorised to take decisions on behalf of your business relation.

Paylex scores your business relation in real time on more than 400 indicators and provides you with an advice about up to what amount you can safely do business. Directly contact us to non-bindingly discuss the best fitting solution.


Latest information
Latest technologies

Benefit from an up-to-date database that is managed by a team of experts 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week.

Sophisticated algorithm
Unique algorithm

As we score more than 400 different parameters and carefully weigh these, you will be ensured of a reliable and sound credit advice.

For every company
Everywhere and for everyone

Thanks to our broad offer of products and services it does not matter if you are a company, private individual, or government. We will always offer you a customised proposal.

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Insight into all business information
Check up on the management board
Complete financial overview
Advice for your credit limit
Assess the payment behaviour
Online and in the app (iOS and Android)

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Know who you’re doing business with

It is your duty of care to identify relations: you must know whom you are doing business with. With iRisk, you will have complete control. Prevent financial problems from happening and easily examine your relations and customers. With all ins and outs, such as the annual bills, the payment behaviour, and the direction of your business relation.

Advice on credit limits

Tailored advice: credit limit

Up to what credit limit are you able to do business with your customer or relation? Tailored advice about the credit limit, which we calculate with our unique algorithm and more than 400 indicators. We take the equity capital and the history of your business relation into account, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Payment behaviour

Assess the payment behaviour

Gain insight into the payment behaviour of your customers. Limit risks thanks to insight into your relation’s (in)stability. iRisk combines a first analysis with continuous monitoring of late payment, which may lower the credit score. Keep an eye on the payment behaviour of your customers to signalise problems at an early stage.


Avoid bankruptcies

iRisk uses a smart algorithm to calculate your customer’s risk of bankruptcy. Discover whether your relation is financially stable at a glance. The software gives all companies a number between 0 and 100, which shows their risk of a possible bankruptcy or financial problems.

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Always up to date: risk management in the cloud

iRisk is available online, both on a desktop and laptop as well as on your tablet or smartphone. You always have access to our database and assessments of all businesses. Make a first check or watch the monitoring, so that you won’t be faced with surprises.

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Our database is available online, via a secured and encrypted connection. No worries about the safety, because you will have access on the basis of a secure own environment. Always up to date thanks to risk management for at the office, on site, and on the road.

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Paylex app
Paylex app

iRisk-app: for iOS and Android

Specially for your iOS or Android smartphone, so that you will always and everywhere have all important information readily available. View the financial status of customers, risk notifications, and other company details. At the office, on site, and on the road: you will always have everything readily available.

Searching in our worldwide database
Viewing, storing, and forwarding company data
Requesting real-time credit information
Receiving notifications with important changes in your portfolio

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