Datastorm - verrijk uw database met adressen, krediet- en betalingsinformatie en meer

Implement our data in your software in no time.

Make better decisions
From your own software or system
Decisionmaker: traffic light system
Always up to date
Continuous monitoring possible
Advanced API

Do you have your own software application (or are you planning to build one) and are you looking for up to date data about your business relations? DataStorm flawlessly implements this in your own software by making use of our REST-API, after which you will gain insight into more than 300 million companies worldwide in no time.

Simply want to simplify the filling in of business relations by supplementation, or structure your sales process in a way in which you can use a decisionmaker? Directly contact us to discuss the best-fitting solution without any obligations.


Your own software
From your own software

Avoid new systems and software: use our DataStorm-API from your own software and system.

Assisted integration
Help at the integration

We support you in the integration of the API in your system, so that you can optimally make use of it.

Important data
All important data

All important information about customers and prospects. Better decisions thanks to continuous monitoring.

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Paylex service API

Integration in your software

You can easily integrate the DataStorm-API in your own systems and software. We provide the real-time provision of the data you’re looking for, so you can make use of these from your own system. Completely keep up to date with all the important data about your customers, in order to make better decisions.

Make better business decisions

Better decisions

Real-time-information about (potential) customers, for insight into their financial situation. Discover the (in)stability of prospects, to make better decisions about credits, credit limits, and deliveries to customers. No worries about payment conditions, thanks to important information beforehand.

Data integration

Decisionmaker: traffic light system

Set your own conditions to enable customers to purchase from you on account. Use our traffic light system, which allows you to see at a glance if prospects comply or not. This includes the monitoring of existing customers, so you will receive a red warning light in case of danger.

Always up-to-date

Always up-to-date

Use our update service for continuous updates for your customer file. Make decisions based on the most current information, simply from your own system. Be aware of the financial position of your customer at all times, to easily make better decisions on the basis of this.

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Simply in your own software and systems

You can easily integrate our DataStorm-API into your own software and systems. Avoid that your employees have to work with a new system. Integrate our API into your software, so that you can make use of it as a useful addition.

Integrated into your own software

We help you integrate the API well, so that you can easily make use of it. More important information about your customers, allowing you to make better decisions from your own system.

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