iRisk help

With iRisk, you easily gain insight into your (potential) business relation. Within several minutes, you will know if your business relation is creditworthy, if it has previously been involved in financial calamities, and what the payment behaviour is. On top of that, you will directly be able to see who is authorised to take decisions on behalf of your business relation.


Insight into all business information
Check up on the management board
Complete financial overview
Advice for your credit limit
Assess the payment behaviour
Online and in the app (iOS and Android)
Profiler help

Identifying your business relation is one thing, scoring the person behind the business relation is the second thing. With Profiler, you gain insight into the person behind the business relation. Easily gain insight into the board and the ultimate beneficial owners (the UBOs), check if there are no notifications on the sanctions lists and easily complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.


Know Your Customer (KYC)
Avoid fraud and problems
PEP- and UBO-check
Comply with the WWFT
Online: in the cloud
DataStorm help

Do you have your own software application (or are you planning to build one) and are you looking for up to date data about your business relations? DataStorm flawlessly implements this in your own software by making use of our REST-API, after which you will gain insight into more than 300 million companies worldwide in no time.


Make better decisions
From your own software or system
Decisionmaker: traffic light system
Always up to date
Continuous monitoring possible
Advanced API
MarketScan help

MarketScan exists for the company that wants to see opportunities, take opportunities, and for the entrepreneur who is looking for business relations inland and abroad. Are you, for example, only looking for business relations in your own sector within 10 kilometres from your business address? MarketScan enables you to simply export the available data, so that you will directly be able to approach your goal.


All important company information
Finding more new customers
Converting leads into customers
Creating your own address file
High ROI on your investment
Online and in the app (iOS and Android)

Complete database

Our database contains all the important information of all companies you want to approach for business purposes.

Targeted marketing

Effective and efficient: a high ROI thanks to targeted marketing towards companies with most potential.

In the cloud

At the office, on site, and on the road: our database in the cloud is available to you at any time and place.

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Paylex app
Paylex app

iRisk-app: for iOS and Android

Specially for your iOS or Android smartphone, so that you will always and everywhere have all important information readily available. View the financial status of customers, risk notifications, and other company details. At the office, on site, and on the road: you will always have everything readily available.

Searching in our worldwide database
Viewing, storing, and forwarding company data
Requesting real-time credit information
Receiving notifications with important changes in your portfolio

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insert_chart_outlined Creditworthiness test

With iRisk, you prevent non-payments by customers. As soon as the check reveals that your customer is financially healthy and will probably decently pay in time, you will be able to provide services or goods on account without having any problems. On the other hand, you will be able to discover that some customers are not willing or able to meet their obligation at an early stage, so that you can respond to this well.

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dns Your database up to date

Never let obsolete data ever again bother you, thanks to our update service within DataStorm. Almost directly make use of the current data of the Chamber of Commerce. Are you using an own CRM-package, in which it is important to keep the data up to date? With a daily, weekly, or monthly check and update, we make sure you will no longer have to worry about this.

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search Find new customers

Find new customers? This gets much easier with Marketinginfo. And that’s not everything, because you will immediately have all important information of the new customer listed. Including credit scores and the payment history, based on the most current data.

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dashboard Integration with CRM

DataStorm is the ideal combination with your own CRM system: for a seamless integration of our data in your package, so that you will be able to optimally make use of it. In the way you are used to do this, or in the way your employees are already working with it.

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thumbs_up_down Acceptation procedure

Thanks to our Dataservice APO from DataStorm, you can easily make better decisions. Hereby think of improving your underwriting policy, based on the important financial data we provide. View credit scores or determine the credit limit, just from your own CRM with other important data. And use our API for your mobile systems, so that you will be up to date at all times and places.

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how_to_vote Delivery on account

Nothing is as customary and customer-friendly as delivering on account. Ideal for customers, who only have to pay at the moment they already have the goods or have used the services. But how do you know if the customers can and will really pay? Make sure you know what to expect well.

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