Privacy statement

Paylex thinks it’s important that you trust our organisation and our services and products. Therefore, we would like to do anything we can to protect your privacy and process your personal data in a careful, safe, and reliable manner. You can read the vision of Paylex on privacy and how we handle this in our privacy statement.

Privacy statement

Our privacy policy

You can extensively read our detailed privacy policy here.

General conditions

Read the conditions for the use of our websites / web application.

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What personal data concerning me does Paylex have?

Paylex has contact data like your address, phone number, and email address. Concerning your organisation, we have annual reports, financial data, relevant data concerning the Ultimate Beneficial Owners and operators, and related data. Do you have a specific question or request concerning your personal data at Paylex? Please contact us.

How does Paylex acquire the information about me?

Paylex gathers information about companies and individuals related to these companies. This information is gathered from public sources such as the Chamber of Commerce, registers and government sources, and via our customers.

Paylex has incorrect information concerning me.

Paylex applies the highest possible standards for data quality, because we like being a reliable partner in business. This, however, does not guarantee completely data that are completely free of errors. If the information we have about you appears to be incorrect, you can correct it by sending us the proper information. After validation of the information, we will implement the necessary alterations.

I want my data to be removed from the Paylex database(s).

Paylex has information about companies, beneficial owners, and relevant operators. The GDPR allows us to have and process this information because of our regular business activity. In our privacy statement and our vision on privacy on our website, you can read more about this so-called ‘justified interest’. Do you think your personal interest exceeds the interest of Paylex?

No permission to have or process information about me was given to Paylex.

Paylex processes and possesses personal data on the basis of our regular business activity, or our ‘justified interest’. Our goal with this processing is to support businesses in, among other things, managing financial risks, protecting against fraud, transparently doing business, complying with laws and legislations, and understanding businesses, markets, and industries better. Processing personal data occurs when personal interests exceed those of Paylex. We determine this on an individual basis, however. Please contact us if you think your interests exceed the business interests. Provide clear reasoning and add potential supportive attachments. This will help us process your request correctly and quickly.

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Would you like to have more information?

Do you have another question, remark, or a specific request? Please submit this as extensive and complete as possible. This way, we can process your request quickly and in a targeted way. Of course, we are aware that your request could contain personal data, and we will treat this confidentially.


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Contact with Paylex about GDPR

On this page, you can read what Paylex does with your personal data. We have done our best to make all relevant information available online.
Do you still have questions or remarks? Contact us by sending an email to: In order to be able to process your request quickly and in a targeted way, we ask you to write this down as clearly as possible and to provide relevant attachments with it. Furthermore, we will have to identify you to ensure that we will provide possible personal data to the right person. For this, we will need a copy of your identification. Of course, you can erase your BSN number and photo on it.
Tip: on the website of the ministry of Internal Affairs, you can edit your identification papers in a way these become safe for sending.